Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality in personal care emphasizing in compassion.  Ensuring dignity and enhancing the lives of all families we service by assisting in achieving optimal level of health to continue living with vigor, independence, purpose, and fulfillment.

Our Story

Our founders have over 45 years experience in the healthcare industry, specializing in providing care for the sick and elderly. 

From a nurse’s point of view, having worked in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facility, and home health setting, the fear of losing dignity and the ability to control the type of care one is to receive, along with environmental changes are just some of the leading terrors that alarm and panic the aging adult.  As nurses, we have seen and compassionately experienced the sorrows of being uprooted from one's home, only to be put in an institutionalized type setting foregoing dignity and control.  Even the simplest of daily activities are done in a monotonous routine and time driven fashion, not necessarily to the liking of the individual.

Limitless Care empathizes with the aging adults and their families regarding concerns of yearning for dignity and control over care and environment.  We will make sure your loved ones are treated like family and cared for the way we envision ourselves being nurtured during our own personal aging process.

Why Us?

Quality Assurance Program from Our Experienced Nurses:

Limitless Care strives to continually provide the highest quality of care for clients. One way to maintain such quality is to perform random check-ins to assure our service is always at its peak. We also provide routine nursing management for our caregivers.

Visits from our nurses may occur as much as two times a month after a complimentary initial assessment.

We Make Ourselves Available at All Times:

At Limitless Care, we go above and beyond. We will not rest because we understand how vital availability is in the realms of healthcare.

No Restrictions to Allotted Visit Times:

Limitless Care will stand by their name. Why limit our clients to a restriction of having an hourly minimum? Our team of elite caregivers will be as flexible as our clients wish. We can help for however long or short our client pleases. Again, whatever our clients need us for, we will be there. We leave the decision entirely up to our clients and their families.

Cutting Edge Application for Coordination:

Limitless Care wants nothing short of excellence, which is why implementing a system geared towards helping our clients and their families gain the transparency they deserve is key. Our system will allow our clients and their loved ones to take a deeper dive into our individualized care plan, where notes and coordination are updated in real time.

We’ve also implemented a system that will help oversee each and every visit. Each caregiver is required to log in their time of arrival and departure. This will enable punctuality on time and accuracy with billing. 

Individualized Care Plans:

At Limitless Care, no client is treated the same. We make sure that we cater to each client’s unique set of needs. Whether we are dealing with a client who has Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, COPD, CHF, Renal Disease, Rehabilitation, Hospice, or any other conditions, we will be there to create an individualized care plan catered just for you.